Tool preset (keep pressure/paint "use global settings")

Hi all,

There are two “use global settings” checkboxes (enabled by default) that might be confusing.

  • one for the Pressure falloffs
  • one for the Material (color/roughness/metalness)

This checkbox is retained per-tool.

When you switch tools the pressure/paint data is the same (as long as the “gobal settings” is checked).
These settings are saved globally (like the interface settings, etc).

I’m not sure the “use global settings” is very intuitive as you might save your tool thinking it’s going to retain the paint/pressure when it doesn’t. (if you let the default “use global settings” checked).

My question are:

  1. A less confusing name for it like “Shared settings”?

  2. Should the “use global settings” (for pressure and material) option be enabled by default?

  3. Should I even keep this option?

  4. An alternative would be to change the behavior so that the option is not linked to the tool but instead a general option. When you enable it it overrides every other tools and when you disable it you fallback to per-tool settings.

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I am not using Nomad long enough to have a clear opinion.

Global material, I guess this should be checked. Me personally, I don’t see a use for individual material per brush. This can only cause confusion. But that maybe is just a leck of experience and creativity in using Nomad.

One master pressure curve and individual curves for pressure and radius. This could make sense to me, but haven’t missed it so far to be honest. Always used global settings so far.

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My humble opinion only:
I like it just the the way it is. I guess changing the name can help make it less confusing.

  1. yes for me (most tools just naturally share the same settings anyway. In a special case where it needs to be different is rare. And it’s easy to change when I do)

  2. yes

  3. This one I feel less favored about. It seems like one would need to spend much more time adjusting curves for the array of brushes one would use and/or constantly toggling the override while creating.

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I say cut it. I turn it off for all my brushes.

I think use shared material and use shared radius are the important options for brushes.

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I support. Leave global settings for everything. Alternatively, add a checkbox to the “local” setting for more variability, like in Zbrush.


Good suggestions (if I understand correctly :slight_smile: ) So the term “global” could be removed which might be confusing, instead use a standard material/pressure curves that can be overridden in case it’s required (maybe some more newcomer friendly name like “tool material” and “tool pressure”). I’d say override is per tool, not a global override like radius.

I guess once standard material/pressure becomes something familiar, new users will understand why only “tool materials” are saved in presets.

What I found bit confusing is that there’s two places to pick/change alpha and material (Painting menu and side toolbar) maybe this could be unified somehow. What could help with that is using some clearer way of showing that the current alpha/mat is disabled maybe something like this:

4 - after some testing.
Global Material is funny. I didn’t get this till yesterday. Uncheck and on can assign different matcaps. Finally I can add eyes super quick again.

To clear potential confusion, the checkboxes that I’m talking about are:

  • “Global material” (bottom of the painting menu on the top bar)
  • “Use global settings” (pressure panel)

For matcaps, the option is named “Use global matcap”, but this one is fine for me.

For now the shortcut on the lower left are not always visible on small screen or in landscape mode.
Only the “Sub” and two sliders are visible (at all time).

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Only thing that you need to watch out for when using different matcaps on different objects is that the lighting conditions in the image need to be similar (preferably the same). If they’re really different then the materials can look off. You’ve designed a full range of colours (in another post) and I think they’re really good as they seem to be lit / shadowed the same throughout.

Oh ok getting the same on my 720p phone, maybe the 2 buttons could jump to the top in this case. There would be some space free then since “painting” would be gone. For additional space, the two settings (display, interface) could be combined under 1 combo menu like it happens in portait mode already. But OT anyway :wink: