Timelapse function

I don’t know if this is even possible with 3d, but a Timelapse that functions like procreates, and ignores window pop ups would be really really nice.


I second this. It seems Nomad is already keeping a history of your sculpt for undoing purposes. Let us export a time lapse of it.

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This is actually an useful feature

Generally I like this a lot,
But in 3D it means massive data use and lots of development time.

Procreate files or Infinite Painter…any app offering Timelapse function is storing this inside the project.
In Procreate Timelapse is quite quickly more than ten times of drawing data which can’t be quickly deleted. You need to open every single file, go to Timelapse, say purge, yes? OK? Really??? Close project, go to next and voilà after only two hours you have 4 GB won.

This is crazy inconvenient. To select a certain amount of projects and say purge Timelapse, or at least purging Timelapse without opening project should be implemented.

For ZBrush, the used data is even much bigger as Timelapse is rendered afterwards from undo history. More than1GB for one file is quickly happening. Saving incremental, which is absolutely necessary in a reliable workflow, is producing massive amount of data.

But do want to Nomad to operate like a drawing app and record a frame per stroke? In 3D sculpting we are turning the object quite often, the camera is not fixed, like in 2D painting apps. That is the reason why zBrush is using the undo history, as camera placement is done in Timelapse recording, not before. You can decide to do a fixed angle, or an adjustable smoothed interpolation between used camera angles. Which makes it possible to watch 3D Timelapse without getting an epileptic shock.
Therefore you get only seasick.v :rofl:

And finally I don’t know if precious RAM is flooded by long undo history?
A separate saveable undo history which can be un and reloaded and merged would be a must if so.
Lots of development time missing for other features.
But good Timelapse’s sells the app……….

Just some thoughts.

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