Mental canvas functionality

There is a kind of hype on Instagram about the app Mental Canvas. Playing with it, I must say this is serious fun. What would be cool for Nomad as well.

  1. Auto creation of camera flight. In Mental Canvas you just add camera views and the app will automatically create a flight with standard timing. Later one can change the duration of each flight.

    Cool and maybe easily added to existing camera views. Just add “create flight”, pop up asks for duration, done. It will fly from one view to another from top to bottom.

  2. Second and this is more difficult. You will answer “not planned” anyway :joy:
    Painting on planes and boxes for very quick content creation. This needs: a) UV painting, b) transparency.
    This would open complete new field for content creation.

To be honest, I have not a clue why Procreate didn’t develop more in this direction. That would make so much more sense than a 3D painting app inside a 2D painting app. Maybe this will come later, or Nomad will fill the gap :grinning:

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This will probably never happen. Nomad is a sculpting application, not an animation app. You can export images to procreate and get a similar effect.

Hmmm, probably you didn’t understood?
Sculpting app, animation app, painting app…….IOS is still a desert in 3D animation field.
People are longing for mobile only solutions.

Procreate isn’t the most sold painting app because it’s best, Procreate was first serious painting app for IPad, and the Apple Pencil changed everything. Plus they focus quite clever on social media connectivity.
But Procreate can do nothing in mental canvas functionality, like it is now in 5.2. It can’t even combine 2D and 3D at same time like Nomad sculpting app.
One can export single pictures from Procreate to mental canvas, that’s all.

Being a sculpting app doesn’t mean you can’t animate.
ZBrushs timeline allows a bunch of animation possibilities. From camera to layer intensity etc.
I loved to play with that, as zBrushs renderer offered a really nice NPR look and there was no need to export vertex painted blend shapes to an animation app. Not spoken about converting hair etc etc.
Animation features do make much more sense in an IOS environment, where there is no app for 2,5D or 3D animation. Nothing except Mental canvas.

And finally presenting a little nice animation can make your work more successful, wouldn’t you agree?

Being first to offer a decent is what have success in IOS app market, imho.

Luma Fusion isn’t cool and fancy and the best compositing program I’ve ever seen.
It’s the only decent one for IOS, and a piece of ….against real compositing apps. It’s OK but I bought it because it’s the best compared to other.

And to finish: camera animation with good rendering will create more free advertising for Nomad than lots of money can buy.

That said, next release will rock the business already,
It’s already a game changer with fantastic sharp boolean and first toddler steps into UV unwrapping.
No reason to not add camera animation with safe frame preview and transparency :smiley:

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No, i completely understood from the post. I absolutely agree that it would be awesome to have these features but don’t think it will make it into the app or at least not anytime soon (based on previous requests). I would love a feature like this but I would also love some fine tuning in the app in regards to UV, smarter retoypology, Rig/pose, etc. first. I think the requested feature ranks low compared to the others out there, that’s why I don’t think it’ll happen. Be cool if it did though :wink:


Yeah this would be great… we can move the camera manually but obviously that is super clunky… We already have camera views and having a similar feature like Mental Canvas where the camera travels automatically in a specific speed would be super cool to show our 3D art.