Time lapse recording?

One thing I love about procreate is being able to export time lapses of my work. Something similar in Nomad would be amazing. I’m not sure how they do it, since it seems like the amount of data they’d record would blow up project sizes, but I guess this is feature request, not implementation suggestions. :grin:


Procreate (Savage)… uses a Variable Record system, based on input. Basically, recording only the Canvas area (no UI or time spent outside of)…upon any input made on Canvas. Can be Brustrokes, or any other ‘Finalized’ actions (such as Layer Blends, Adjustments etc).

Being Variable, cuts down the recording time… to a basic ‘record-pause-record…’ mode, automatically making the Timelapse happen. There is no way to go from Variable to a ‘full record’, like if doing a Screen Recording on iPad, however. Always a fixed Input Variable.

Not sure how Nomad would exactly implement, unless something similar… but being 3D would be a static frontal view, unless perhaps even Rotating being an Input classifier, to see the ‘on screen scene’ displaying as well, so can see actual views etc.

BUT… Timelapse inclusion on files, even at Variable… does increase data size of file. And given only dealing with just Pixels… not Pixels AND Mesh data, could be quite a dramatic increase. Add to that…overall time duration in doing some 3D work, being more extensive.

If they could do it …awesome!
But screen record then creating a Timelapse, in say LumaFusion…might be simply best currently.

Does Procreate actually capture a frame on each input, or is it capturing input and replaying to build the timelapse? I know the latter isn’t really possible in Nomad (I brought it up as a way to reduce save time)

The sort of time lapse that Procreate does is basically exactly what I’d love to have in Nomad, even if it was like, half resolution or something to save on file space.

Why not just a play through the history. It’s already saved and each edit could be a frame.

I meant saved during the session anyway.

True, but history gets lost between sessions. :frowning:

Could be a quick movie that’s saved before exiting the session if you wanted to keep it. Then it could be added onto with each session so it’s saved into one file.

I have no idea…lol. Just thought it might be one simple way based on what’s currently in there. I wouldn’t even want to think about implementing it from the programming side.

Haha yeah, it’s not a small request, I’m sure. :frowning:

As quick as he’s been able to pull off some of these other new features, who knows.

Though I’m still waiting on the height/cavity painting that he said he programmed in 10 minutes…lol

It captures the frame after input. Each input… brushstroke- upon ending, finalized…not complete flow of stroke. Same for any Adjustments, Blends etc…after selection made/finalized.
Cuts down on record time.

Though does have both a Full and 30sec version you can export.
If at Full Timelapse… can go to say LumaFusion as a video clip, and slow/lengthen the speed of the clip, then export from there. Highly suggest LumaFusion for any video creation, btw.

I forgot about it… It was a quick hack on the flattening tool but I should integrate to the paint tool.

As for the timelapse nothing is planned, it’s not really high priority.
As for the technical implementation, I see 3 methods:

  1. Video recording
    I have 0 experience with video (and I fear I would be forced to do an iOS/Android specific thing because of h264/mp4 annoying patent issue, but I don’t know much).
    Also I’m not sure about the extra CPU/GPU works it requires but I don’t think it should be an issue.
    This is the Procreate solution and probably the one that makes the most sense.

  2. Input recording
    It’s something that I did (and removed) in SculptGL. It’s a bit magical because you can encode hours of high-poly sculpting in less than <1M.
    However it’s impossible to maintain because the slightest change in the app in a future update will break everything.
    Dreams (the game) did it and in one of their video they were saying it was only used for QA/development because they could only replay it on the same build it was produced.

  3. History recording
    History recording would be the easiest, but the problem is that the history is not saved at the moment.
    You can get an idea of what it would look like by checking “restore camera” in the history settings and simply quick undo/redo.
    It would look different than video recording video though (less natural).


In the meantime ipad´s own screenrecording can be used. But there´s no timelapse features for that so video needs to be retimed afterwards. Not ideal but at least something that can be done already. nomad_sketch.mov - Google Drive

Wanted to create a new request for this, but just saw this post :grinning:. I know that it’s not a roadmap priority, but let me be a bit pushy and add another pros on this topic.
The really good thing about time lapse recording on frame update (the ZBrush style. Procreate is more about only recording brush strokes, while ZBrush record every updated frames of the viewport) is that you can be AFK without bothering about stopping the recording. Of course we can use, the iPad recording, but the output files are very heavy.
This feature could also be a very good tool for artists to promote their work and communicate even more on Nomad Sculpt.
Anyway this app is still awesome even without timelapse recording :wink:.

Another pros on Procreate‘s time lapse recording is that the time lapse records automatically and continuously.
As an amateur, my artworks are not done in one go. In my case, I will take out my iPad and continue to draw or sculpt an unfinished work at any free time. It is hard to remember to turn on the iPad screen recording every time.
So It will be really good if nomad can automatically record the whole process.

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