The main model should rotate, but the surrounding models .... fixed and the scene and light ? fixed

Hello, I wish you success

is it possible
Rotate the model on a disk, but keep the rest of the components, the light and the drop wall fixed
I would like the app manager to add this feature to Nomad

The lights csn be attached to the camera but not the objects in the scene.

If you want consistent lighting when rotating your model then use a matcap material

You don’t need to, you can attach directional light, and also the environment.

As for the original question, that’s not possible. The turntable feature is minimal.

Thanks Thank you manager and producer, I need the background back drop to be fixed, please put the background in the background header. I am sure it will be a very good idea. Now my question is, was I able to express what I said well? Thanks to Google translator :wave:

Hello, I have a question about locking the lights in the scene, although I was looking for this feature, but I don’t know where to enable or disable this feature. :rose::crescent_moon:

Try to add additional light to lit your object and make it a child of that object. When you will rotate object light will follow. I think it is imposible to select particular lights to lit one object… what is sens in this in real world.

Thank you :hatching_chick::rose:
In the new version, the lights can be placed under the camera so that they do not move, but the back drop cannot be fixed when the main object can rotate. I wish this would be possible in the future.

Back drop is used in photography and the subject rotates on a tray and the lights or back drop are fixed. Of course, I know that this is not an obligatory addition, but it adds to the attractiveness of nomad sculpt