Turntable with rotating environment but static object

Claude Monet, the impressionist said something like:
Everything is changing with light, even stone.
So he painted the cathedral of Rouen in a series at different light situations and atmosphere.
A turntable with environment and / or lights rotating only could give a dramatic impression of a sculpt.

Or a timeline for camera, lights and more hi hi hi :vulcan_salute:

Btw. If you think this is unnecessary Kindergarten bullshit and so many more things are more important, just search tumblr with #NomadSculpt

Amazing work presented with turntables everywhere. The people want to present their work and they want to present it directly with Nomad. They want to stay on ipad.


Wonderfully put :ok_hand:

There you go

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Scratchy, scratchy DJ. :rofl:
Sure, you are right. As long as there is no rendering option, we can scratch around. But something smooth would be nice.