Symmetry per mesh

Is there a way to set symmetry not globally, but separately for every mesh ? For some meshes I disable it, but then I sometimes forget to turn it back on when switching to a symmetrical mesh.



Go into the Symmetry options. Scroll all the way down and there’s an option “Gizmo Edit”. Try that.

Go to the symmetry icon on the top right menu & you can select local or global for you object symmetry & also have the choice to show the plane or a line & also to change the axis between X Y & Z

Thanks, but those are not working.

What I mean is, suppose I have 2 meshes. For one I use symmetry, for the other not.

What I’d like is to automatically have symmetry switch on and off when I select each mesh.

It seems that with “symmetry edit” I can transform the symmetry plane. And with the “local or global” symmetry switch I can lock the symmetry plane to the mesh when I transform it with the gizmo, or keep it at world coordinates.

The symmetry settings are per object (position/rotation) but not the enable/disable state.

Ah, thanks. That would be a handy feature.

I’ll put in a feature request for that then.