Survey : who works WITH or WITHOUT smooth shading?

who works WITH or WITHOUT smooth shading?
  • WITH

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Can be explained why your choice.

For me it is with all the time for the only reason that our devices are not able to display as many polygons as a zbrush which works by default without smooth shading.
and then I find it prettier.

I prefer to work without smooth shading (I use it only for rendering). When I see a raw object’s mesh it’s better to control its shape. Especially with low resolution, when I’m blocking out. It’s easier to control and move 5 vertices than 25. And without smooth shading I can clearly see them.

Yes, it’s true. That’s why I’m asking this question, I like to see how people work.

I use both

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I am used to smooth from early Sculptris days. I love the final look and hates zBrush for this.
If I want to see topology I’ll switch on wireframe, that’s what it’s made for.


I also turn wireframe on when I’m blocking out and work at low resolution (it’s easier to manipulate the vertices) but still have smooth shading off. The wireframe itself doesn’t clearly show the faces direction, what smooth shading turned off does. When resolution rises, I can turn wireframe off and then it’s time to make some details.