Street Figther Ryu wip

Been learning sculpting for about close to 2 month.


2 aylık çalışma ile bu sonuç mükemmel daha önce resim çalışması yapıyomuydunuz?

Not in nomad yet… i have to learn

Yes, there is a lot to learn. Your job is perfect for 2 months. you were painting before! I asked him, the person who works in painting learns faster.

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Gönderici: Krr Dxn via Nomad Sculpt
Tarih: 3 Ağu 2023 Per 11:55
Konu: [Nomad Sculpt] [Artwork] Street Figther Ryu wip

Not really i use to do 3d back in 2003 and i finally came back. Better late than never lol

Yes, the sculpture you made shows that it was before. Welcome Success.

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