Store MORPH Target to avoid doubling up overlapping strokes

Something like this ZBrush feature for the Brush Tools.

To avoid this on overlapping strokes.

Here is an example how it works.


The layer brush does this already when “use layer data” is on (ignores active layer). Not sure if this option could make sense for other brushes too.

The Layer Brush and use Layer Data also doesn’t do what it should do. You can’t use the result. I have done hundreds of tests, but nothing is working at the moment.

This is the goal:

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When crossing the same stroke (as in painting an “8”) there’s no artefacts like this. Maybe this could be replicated when “layer data” is on.

The direction of artefacts seems to depend on camera angle. Maybe ZBrush’s chisel brush is optimized for this sort of thing.

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Layer brush is the only way for now, but it only works with a bit of tweaking (typically high radius sampling).
Not sure if it could be improved easily.