Starship 1977. Longtime lost in space


Cool, amazing details!
Just for fun, try to use background picture as hdr to light the scene. In this colourful case I am not sure, but often it helps to integrate your model to your background and make it appear less “plastic”

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Oh, that’s a nice idea @knacki, I will try that in my next StarShip, if I can manage to find a cool deep space HDR (which is not that obvious!). Thanks again. I appreciate your comment

Hahah, the fun thing is: just use your background image!
No need for extra HDRs!

The only culprit is when you use reflective material like gold, Glas, anything which is reflecting HDR so that you can see it. Then the wrapped poles could be visible. But on your starship it will work like a Charme. Promised.

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Sculpted joy

The last six, seven picture were lit with the same picture I used for background. You can probably see it in the water heart the mushroom offers the mushrooms lady. The poles are wrapped. Nomad just use anything and wrap it around a sphere to light your scene. Just awesome easy.

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Love it my friend. Your results are fascinating with this method.

Yes, you are right! Placing background image as an HDR works great!
You are a genius! Thanks @knacki


Ahhh! Looks much more real already, doesn’t it? :grinning:
I am really in love this little “trick”.