Looking for new "environment" images

Hello! Was just curious if there’s a resource to find more “environment” images to add to my projects? Or what you would even call these types of backgrounds.
(I’m talking about the images seen in the attachment)

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HDRI - High Dynamic Range Image

Lots of good HDRIs here too: HDRIs • Poly Haven

All the hdri from Nomad are coming from hdri haven.
For now you can just take the 1k (Nomad will resize to 1k anyway).

The supported format should be .hdr (most of the hdri in hdri haven, but I think a few of them are in exr).

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You can use any picture to light your scene btw. Just metallic reflections can probably show the problems at the polars. It’s not perfect but gives you the right light. I. E. When you use same picture for background as for environment. Like here:

Same picture for environment and background increases the realistic look drastically.

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very cool thanks for the heads up everyone!
@knacki good to know! would definitely like to add my own environments or at least tweak existing ones.