Using Wombo Dream to modify environment maps to use in Nomad

If you download environment maps from the web you can use them as a base image in Wombo Dream (pro version) to make variations to use in Nomad.
Here is a simple example. The reference image is the same environment map but rotated to line up the reflections.

You might find this useful, still in alpha but looks promising…

Thanks. Just had a look. Very cool indeed.

My first effort with a spaceship environment map generated using Skybox. Will be using this a lot.
Many thanks.

It will be interesting when A.I. Is used to generate 3d meshes. I think that’s being worked on already, mainly for games…

I think it work better to do screen grabs from skybox of the background plane image you want and use the download of the hdri for your lighting, but you get the gist, have fun!

Yeah. You are correct. Will have another bash later on.

I’ve had success with using the skyboxes in 2 ways: 1. Take the skybox full image to use as the environment lighting in Nonad. 2. Put the skybox into an online HDRi to cube map converter, map it to the inside of a back face culled UV sphere & use it as background environment around your sculpt. You have a background & lighting to match :+1:t2:

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Rerendered this with a background done with Skybox…


Convert skybox to a cube map (online app) and add it to a sphere in the background. You can create an environment that makes the character look like it’s actually in the room you designed.

Great ideas. Many thanks. Just not enough hours in the day lol
I am having a go with an aerial drone now to do photogrammetry etc.