D’Kyr Class Vulcan Starship

Just a fun project to work on hard surface modeling. Background is not mine. Sculpted in Nomad, painted in Procreate, pulled back into Nomad to light and render (with background image), and then the png export had lights bloomed, phaser added, and some other touch-up’s in Procreate again. Seems to be a good workflow.


Cool ship :vulcan_salute:
I would say you could have left Procreate steps. At least what I see.
Lights and laser beams can be solved with tubes and spheres and additive material, always unlit checked if you like strong lights and activated bloom in Post Process. Yep, this has a little bit less individual control. And yes, quickshape is missing in Nomad. But doable and would save a bunch of back and forth.

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True, I’ve done bright elements using additive lighting before in Nomad (I have an Avatar the Last Airbender sculpt in the forum where I played with refraction, addition, etc). Since I had already painted UV’s in Procreate, it wasn’t much to go back the second time. It would have been a huge file if I did vertex paint, rather than using the UV’s so I could lower the geometry. More than one way to do anything. I’m still figuring this all out. Thank you for the feedback, it is always appreciated!

The cool thing is, that you can choose! With next Nomad release even back and forth if I understood correctly.
If bloody Procreate would support alphas in texture and symmetry, it would be almost perfect companion for Nomad in mobile world.
But at least alphas is in in next Procreate update - that’s what I really expect at least. Means nothing……

Any way cool ship and lights are sophisticated as they are now. Just wanted to be a smartass. ( never used this term before, hopefully it’s understandable. Douglas Adams, my favourite author , wrote in “Last chance to see” about Germans, that they tend to think they know everything better. And even that took a lot of pages, as Mr. Douglas was an Englishman, polite and far away from very direct way of us “Lithuanian” ← that’s an insider for those who read the book. )

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