Space ships and sci-fi scenes from the past few months

Truly loving this tool. Just keeps getting better with every iteration.


By nomad? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I know it’s hard to believe, but yes, all in nomad. Created and rendered on the iPad. The app is capable of so much more than advertised. :+1:


Unbelievable,You have done a great job!

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Incredible, straight from a Syd Mead or Ron Cobb concept art book, beautiful stuff!


Thank you! Working hard to come even close to that caliber of work. Too much fun to stop pushing towards it. :+1::v:


Amazing work! Not just the models but the whole composition and feel of your images too. I’m curious is the rippling water with reflection sculpted or just a background image? Really convincing!

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Impressive work, really inspiring, I already see your work on social network, it give me a way to follow!! Congrats!

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Thanks Jim! The way I made the ripples is really simple actually. I made a normal map using an image of the surface of the ocean on this site ( SmartNormap 2.0 ), then I applied it to a plane and made the color and reflectivity right to make it feel more like water.

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Thank you so much! :pray::v:

As usual, amazing works, congrats man! :smiley:

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Can’t believe this is created in Nomad. Could you show us the unpainted Ships within the Nomad interface…just for believing :wink:

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我觉得这种风格用AI生成,应该会简单很多 :sweat_smile:

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lol! I understand I wasn’t sure this could be done in nomad either. I was just determined to find a way. Here is a quick video I made of some scenes showing that in fact they are made and rendered in Nomad Sculpt. :+1:


Yes that would be way easier lol! But not as much fun. :v:

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utterly amazing.

Really well done!
I am also curious, the meshes of the objects are not a big problem with Nomad Sculpt, but I would be interested to know how you do it with the textures.
Nomad Sculpt only has the possibility to bake vertex color on the UVs or to work with reproject.
But I really can’t imagine that you paint the objects hires and then bake them on Lowres, but I could be wrong.
Or do you just throw some City / SciFi texture maps onto the mesh and see what happens?
Or are the objects like the city extracted from the maps?
Where are the textures from and how are they made? And I don’t mean the water textures, but the textures on the spaceships / houses.
Would be nice if you could explain that.

Thank you sir! These are the questions asked in order to make more complex looking shapes and textures. For those buildings I started with a texture I found at some point that would be easy enough to create in any art app. I used the texture as a mask and extracted it using the height map option. (See below)

Then I duplicated this same extraction and rotated it 90 degrees for variation. I then appplied a random opacity map on this mesh to make it feel even more complex. Additionally I created a normal map using a similar texture and layered that onto both of these meshes.

I then scattered a few more buildings. And random structures to add an element of height to the scene.

These images are obviously in matcap view vs pbr for visibility, but I think you get the idea. Most of the color is coming from the lighting in the final render.

Similar principles are being used when it comes to the ships. A little more intentional, but similar layering of details. Hopefully that explains it well :+1:


Thanks for the explanation.
Yes, that’s exactly how I thought it was done.
It’s amazing that the foreign textures look so good on the objects.
So the main work is to find textures and place them nicely on the object. :wink::grinning:
Looking forward to more great render pictures.