Squashed UVs after reimport on certain plane objects from Procreate

Made plenty of tests before reporting.
Can’t tell wether it’s a Nomad or Procreate issue.
A simple plane trimmed in Nomad (hole filling off), generate UVs with Atlas method and export to OBJ.

Import to Procreate, paint, export to Nomad.(keep topology ON or OFF with same result)
These are some results with always same workflow.

Could that be a mistake on my side? Had always issues with shapes like in below example.

EDIT: no issue with same shape when trimming a very slim box.
Double EDIT: UV seems to be same. Left, export, right import.

iPad Pro 10,5” 256GB Wifi , IpadOS 15.0, Nomad 1.65

I had the same problem. With a PLANE sometimes the thing does not work. I also tested a lot, sometimes the UV is mirrored or twisted…
I tried to create a picture frame with canvas for Procreate - with aligned UV to canvas, so that in Procreate the 2D texture works in the right alignment.
With the PLANE it somehow doesn’t work properly either way.With an extracted Side from a Qube it works better than with a PLANE.

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You enabled normalize UV in the debug menu.

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Thanks, that’s it. Totally forgot debug section.

I’m removing the normalize UVs option, even though It’s in Debug it’s not the first time it happened.

Switching it with a single-use button instead.

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