Smooth tool smooths until a certain point, but not to the point where I want it to

Hello, I want to ease out the overlapping lines from the clay tool, and even with the smooth tool on max it smooths to a certain point but doesn’t fully relax the geometry. What’s something I could do to get the last wrinkles out?


What percentage is your smooth tool at? I believe you can take it all the way to 1,000,000%. If you can’t get something smooth at max, you’re problem isn’t the smooth tool.

I agree with Roger, but it’d be easier to tell if you post with mesh visible. If you’ve got a really dense, high-poly mesh then the smooth brush will still only get you so far, even on high intensity. Maybe you need to sub-brush/clay into the area or maybe flatten to get the crease out, especially if it’s super high poly - it looks like this is the case as you’re up at nearly 2mil vertices

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Lowering the subdivision while reducing the streng and size works for me :blush:

I did not know you could continue to turn it up that high! That did help, I have the polys so high because I want the detail for 3D printing.