Smart extrude (3Ds max) Amazing!

Since ages I pay a fortune for my Autodesk subscription…and I was so often disappointed by the updates. It‘s not, that last update was a blast, but smart extrude is simply smart!
This is next gen low poly modelling!

Just for inspiration:


Looks like it works the same as in SketchUp. I wish SketchUp was on iPad… It is so easy and simple. For me a way better than Shapr.

No, or even no to sketchup 8, latest I stopped paying for updates. Sketchup always produced crap meshes one need to clean up for ages. But it is easy in some ways.

But smart extrude goes way beyond what I‘ve ever seen.
Have you seen the part where a cylinder is added just to use it to smart extrude a hole.
Or the bridge functions? Love that!

Interesting, I like that he shows the failing case in Blender.

Right now low poly is not planned but maybe in the future.
The fact that it relies on n-gon is a bit of pain (or T-junction), but it seems intuitive.

One more with all the magic in under 2 min.

Or a bit more detailed

Yes, that part with the cylinder works exactly like in SketchUp. You can also draw any shape on the surface and push/pull it. SketchUp also have duplicate/cycle options like repeat last copy/transform move n-times or make n copies at given distance between original and copy.

I remember that extruding feature in SketchUp was very pleasent to work with.

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Ah, it‘s been a while. But topology is still crap from sketchup. Plenty of double faces and flipped normals. :laughing:

Maybe the “bring into nomad, save & reopen” trick will help with sketchup models? It seems to work with Onshape & that’s a similar type of cad modeller that uses big triangles instead of quad mesh.

I don‘t know. Haven‘t touched sketchup since ages. Maybe. Those days I spend a lot of time in correcting geometry imported to 3Ds Max. But could be completely different today. The philosophy of box modelling is simply cool and makes life so much easier. Super glad it‘s in 3Ds Max now, but if it‘s same in free sketchup, even better for all free people.
I am still bound to Autodesk though :face_with_head_bandage:

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Lol, that comic strip in the beginning…