Small UX feedback on tool presets

I tweaked a few things in the tool presets popup UX, see (rename button doesn’t work in web demo):

  • Do you understand what the resets buttons are doing?
  • Do you expect the resets button to save as well? (at the moment, it only update the tool settings, but doesn’t resave the preset)
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All good for understanding here - reset button is returning each tool back to their default state regardless what I do to them. I didn’t expect the reset button to save personally - Last Save works well.

Works well, with no confusion for me.

I like that it allows saving of “default” settings for tools so that we can choose our starting tool settings without having to clone them. This will cut down on the number of tools on my load-out, as I have some tools currently cloned with very small tweaks.

The inclusion of the confirmation pop-up for both reset icons also tells users what they are about to do. Very clear.

Resetting feels complete and save. Easy to understand :+1:

I tried it out. Works well. Again one more great thing !
I find this question about the behavior of a change in the app absolutely fantastic ! The possibility to test the APP with the future updates on the web and send feedback should be taken to heart by other developers ! Thanks a lot for your great work !