Simple smoke procreate + nomad

Simple test of making heavy smoke.

Original before procreate


thats cool! Well done

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That worked very well!

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That’s quite a successful test. I’ve been staring at this for some time to puzzle out what you did, but with no succsss. What was the methodology you used in Procreate?

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Yes procreate for draw with smear brush

Just the smear brush? I hardly ever use that feature, but I guess I’ll have to break out of my usual way of doing things and play with it.

Smear with cloud brush i think. Its make long time lol

I would add a light above the smoke pipeline to get the general outline of the smoke for the picture via nomad, then fuzz it up in procreate. This way you have more 3d affect and the image is more apparently ‘imprinted’