Signed distance fonctions for nomad

Cg cube does a video to explain it for a new addon that is developed by João Desager, SDF a very cool for hard surface and stylized characters and to help makes toys if you can transform mesh to SDF object to have collection of hinges and keys for exemple. There are some softwares using it like MagicaCSG and blender 3.6 alpha geometry nodes start to have it.

CG cube video on Blender:

Bad Normals Blender GN tutorial:

MagicaCSG Art Hideout exemple :


Here’s something Stéphane did earlier SculptGL - A WebGL sculpting app (web site title shows wrong)

I could imagine SDF’s could also be used for creative automatic mask generation

When I saw this program and its user interface, I realized what a long way the administrator has traveled to reach Nomad. And we are travelers who are unaware of its history. God bless you our friend.

There is clavicula a free sdf modeler too with a snapping cube sohere like nomadsculpt: