Sheep’s art farm

Hi all, name’s Wandrinsheep and This is where I’ll share my artworks and experiments. Nice to meet you all.

This is what I’m currently working on, on and off for a while but plan to proerplh wrap this one up. Love the new update btw.


I’ve finally gotten some time and decided to finish up this piece now. This has highlighted one very important thing missing from nomad for me that’s making this project excessively difficult. We need an in app way to create lower res poly, either through a robust remesher or basic polygon draw tool. The stylised look I’m seeking to achieve requires sharper clean edges not very different from hard surface sculpting. I will have to bring this over to CozyBlanket to finalize the aesthetic Im looking for, I’d have needed to port over for if work anyway, but I really wanted to push what I could do in nomad solely further.


Created a rigged armature for jump starting sculpts. I haven’t finished setting up all the pivots, once I do I’ll make it available to those who want to use it. For now here’s the beginnings of my next project. I don’t know how many here is familiar with “follygon” but that’s the kind of art I want to create. Instead of me hoping for the tools that may or may not come yet to nomad, I want to accomplish my style as it is currently , this next project will incorporate all I’ve learnt Inorder to facilitate this.


Wip update. Been struggling with symmetry because this pose is so extreme, and local symmetry breaks everytime I voxel Remesh but I’m pressing on. Lashes were done in forger; small clean details are difficult to maintain with voxel Remesh. Next will be the mouth and some face asymmetry. Doubt I’ll be able to fully finish this entire body’s worth of sculpt which included clothing etc. but having fun so far.


you have to start the fine details only towards the end when you know you won’t need the remesh voxel anymore, it’s not easy because it forces you to think upstream.

Yeap for sure, but I haven’t even started finer details yet. It’s just that I work pretty messy so I end up bashing parts together then Remesh, but since I’m so far off origin it breaks everything. I think I’ve got the local symmetry fixed for now though

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Some quick chompers. Should be able to spend more time with this today and move onto the body before doing anymore details on the face. I want a kind of dofus proportions


So I have a problem, I’m always trying to overdo things, biting off more than I can chew then get sick of it all and stop halfway. Realizing that I was once again going down that rabbit hole, I’ve pumped the breaks and switching gears, keep it simple fun and make something that’s still nice. So now warrior lady is bad chick lady lol. Next post will be the completed one for this project


Said I wouldn’t post until I was finished….so that was a dam lie….here’s some MUSCLES. I don’t know how to mark nsfw. If this post isn’t allowed let me know how to correct it


Experimenting with the curve repeater tool for the hair braids


Project #2 Done!(not really but I’m tired of looking at it now. The braid was hard to do. And it broke a little while warping it into shape


Really cool sculpt, I see what you mean about the braid being broke but your still miles ahead of me if that’s any consolation lol, I need to start working on some anatomy skills, witch is too much like work

Yea the braids looked so good after I got them to intertwine properly and sculpted. But I need to find a better way of deforming them (I used masking and adjusting pivot point to manipulate them into place). Most of my anatomy knowledge transfers from my 2d character knowledge And there’s still plenty to learn as I go long. thanks for checking it out and look forward to seeing you’re progress in nomad as well. It’s definitely work, but seeing the rewards are worth.

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Really cool sculpt and great to see your process! As for the braid check out the web assembly, there is a new tube node that is in development and will be in 1.72 that should do exactly what you want :+1:

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