Shark Boy Fishing

Hi Guys. Loving this app. Ive always wanted to get into 3D sculpting, but money and time was always an issue. I created this on my iPhone since I don’t have an iPad at the moment. The process was easy to learn and intuitive. Let me know what you guys think.


That’s great!

Without any curve/tube tools the rod line must have been tricky!

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Thanks! It sure was. I ended up slicing a thin torus.

That’s a great one! A tip for next rod line - use triplanar object. :grinning:
Division was 380, crank up smoothness, but be aware that too much smoothing smoothes the line away.
Crazy what’s possible with triplanar inside Nomad. Took me 5 min. but only because I was searching for right settings :rofl:

Edit - oh, an incredible job for iPhone btw. :clap:

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Junction of water and Background is awesome.

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Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t used triplanar object much, so i will give it a whirl on my next project! =)

Thanks! Adding images in the background is a great feature.

I can only wonder what you could accomplish if you had an iPad+Apple Pencil.

Nice little character. :+1:t2: