Setting brush with world radius

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I find it very difficult to work with the world scale brush as a lot of the sculpting requires a setting between 0-1%, I’m also not able to set manually the size like I used to ( by tapping on the slider to enter a number).

So most cases I can’t use that option as the difference in size vs percentage is large and really hard to set manually with the slider

Here is the brush set to 0%,

Then raising it to 1%, there is a big difference, but technically it’s only 1% higher.

I’d like to use world space when carving consistent panel lines ( local space, the lines get smaller away from the camera), so creates uneven width.

possibly a bug?. Or maybe I’m using it wrong. Thanks for any input!.

I think I’ll simply switch to an infinite slider when the option « world radius » is used.


thankyou @stephomi ! :slight_smile:

I updated the web demo with the new behavior for world radius and infinite intensity.

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