Constant Detail option for Dynamic Topology

Brush size and zoom level arent useful in any cases at last for me. Constant detail would be welcomed.

Next release will have a “world space radius” option so that the radius will be constant, instead of the screen space radius.

Maybe that would work for you?


Where can i find this option?

It’s in the Stroke menu, the first option.

hmm, i was missunderstood. I was writing about Dynamic topology options. There is Level of detail based on… Brush size and Zoom Level. I was asking for something independent of brush and zoom level. Constant value that i can adjust manualy with a slider.
As for this new option “world space radius” definitly not for me.

btw round widget still does not follow pen tip when in hover mode, Im not sure if You even touch this.
Best Regards.

Yes I know but I’ll add it later, it’s a bit more work as the slider value is different.

The “world space radius” is the same zbrush behavior by default.
But I didn’t put it with dynamic topology in mind though, it just happens to do have constant level of detail if you combine it with “brush size”.

As for “pen tip hover”, I don’t have Android pen to test, but it should be better on next release.

Question, should the level of detail be global or tied to the object?

Typically the voxel slider is tied to the object.

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I guess then it should be tied to the object.

Version 1.35 is live (for Android), with the constant detail option.
I also tried to add the hover thing.

Edit: And… the constant detail slider is broken, I’ll fix it -_-

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Now it should work for real, on Version 1.36.

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