Sculpting secondary and tertiary details

Hi all!

I am begginer at sculpting and currently sharing my exercises and videos on youtube to Brazilian portuguese viewers.

Nomad brought me back to the creative flow and back to digital art! Thanks @stephomi for making this and all updates possible! You rock! Instances in 1.66 is simply awesome.

I have been practing ever since and i wanted to ask the community if there are courses (free or paid) to learn how to work with primary, secondary and terciary details?

I see my development from my first sculpt already but would like to know if you have a tip or video or course to share that helped you achieving best result by adding these details to your artwork.


#onelove from Berlin



Your work looks great so far! If you feel like you have a good grasp with using nomad then any video related to that subject will work just fine i.e. blender, zbrush, maya or whatever other program. It easily translates.

If you feel you need a crash course to get the basics then I would highly recomend Glenn’s courses, especially the T-Rex one because if covers working with primary, secondary and terciary details (at a beginner level). SouthernGFX Limited

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


I’m gonna be brutally honest with you. Because someone needs to be.

I have used nomad now for about a year. And you skill set is good. Sickeningly good. I might just delete the app from my iPad and stick to surfing kitten memes because I can only dream of reaching your detail level.

Good job man. :saluting_face::+1:t2::call_me_hand:t2::+1:t2:


Discipline in going low res to high res via subdivisions is one possible way to organise details.
But most important are layers to me.
Same there. Discipline is the key.
It happen way to often to me that I do major shape changes in detail layer and vice versa. Same with color.
Paint on extra layer, to make you as flexible as possible for different variations.

Keep low res for basic shape and quick shape adjustments
Use layers for each detail step, like
one layer for sculpting basic details
One layer for more details
One layer for skin pores whatever
One layer for basic color
One layer for detail paint.

Each layer eats memory btw. You should have an eye on this as well.


I didn’t knew it was possible, to create a second layer and then only subdivide the layer and be able to enable/disable the layer and turn subdivisions on/off…amazing!

In 1.66 all Layers are equally subdivided.

hey man your tip is absolutely gold! Thank you!!!