Sculpted joy

Awesome! Are the braids sculpted in Nomad? If so…how the hell? :smiley:

No, I was to lazy. Later I found some tutorials. I used a mcg script for 3Ds max and imported it into Nomad. There I added some tubes for final strands and for head hair. It could have been done in Nomad. But yeah, tedious.

That’s the most promising tutorial I found:
Braid tut for zbrush
Should work with Nomad as well. Needs some precise work that auto welding will work later.

Here are some more renderings with better lights.


WIP. Different stylised hair approaches. What do you like more? :point_left: Left or :point_right: right or :point_up_2:centre? Left are tubes, invalidated so far. Will get a bit more touch ups, but not to much. Right is Dyntopo mesh. Centre and moustache are simple spheres with some creasing. Man! I just wanted to create something to test my clay matcaps and now he is staring at me all day long! :joy:


Visually the right looks better and the clay matcap is so cool, I will love test it too :wink:

Looks like a I am on a complete different way now. :roll_eyes:


Takes a lot longer, but the results seem to be well worth it.

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The first one is stylised, as the second one is realistic. The realistic one is more impressive!
Veri nice work!

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In fact, I tried so much with stylised hair using tubes etc., that realistic hair is refreshingly fast done. :joy:

I like it more as well. As it is just for me, not for print or anything else - so what!

Really amazing work - stylized and real approach as well. Same goes for the female bust. Awesome.

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wow, very cool and realistic, congrats!
Using tubes?

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No, planes.

oh ok ok, then is super fast

Well, no. But faster then tubing every single strand.

Wooooooooooooooow :astonished::hushed::+1::ok_hand:

Wow! Lots of awesome work since i last visited your thread! :fire::fire::fire::fire:

Uhhh, that makes me smile. Thank you!

Swish! Nice work dude!!

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Something for inbetween……

HAPPY EASTER everyone :vulcan_salute:


Made another one the last weeks.


Can you share the grass used here !?