Sculpt tool: twist (whirlpool)

I’m finding the need to twist some things, like when you twist a towel. I think that can’t be done right? I have been trying to twist an arm but it turned out to be very difficult without a tool that lets me twist gradually from one point in the mesh.


Second this. The ability to twist with a brush similar to liquify in Photoshop would be fantastic.


A method I use to achieve something like what you want is to mask an object up to the point where you want the twist

Then blur the mask a lot times - even if you can’t see a change, keep blurring the mask!
Then use the gizmo tool and rotate the unmasked portion. Because of the blurred mask, the object will twist in a gradual way

If you play around with the mask intensity and the blurring button you can have quite good control over the rate and extent of twist


Yeah this is the only way I think it can be done right now. But the fading of the mask seems to go not far enough (I’m trying the twist to go from end to end of the object.) and making it in steps easily gets me ugly results.

What about using pottery mode?
Turntable + Tools + Radial Symmetry


Also liquify like effects can be done with the drag brush with large radius/low intensity settings, moving the pen around in small circles


Wow that’s cool, though its use seems focused for a single symmetrical object.