Good way to curve the tip of a dense mesh?

Hey guys I am sure someone knows a way to do this in a clean and efficient way;

Several times I have encountered this situation on a project recently and I just couldn’t find a way to make things work…

I was sculpting a leather strap and I wanted to curve the tip ONLY. It would have been easy with a low poly version, just mask/blur/ use the gizmo but my mesh was a medium density resolution (because of voxel remeshing after making holes in the strap) and even after masking and blurring the heck out of it it would only bend at an angle and not create a smooth curve…ended up using the move and drag tools but the result is wonky at best, as the tools cannot orient themselves upwards the way you can with the gizmo. Plus the 2 sided nature of the strap made things more difficult when moving and dragging upwards, it distorted more than it bended.

It made me wish for a “twirl” brush similar to procreate’s liquify tool. Any advice as to how to do this with an existing dense mesh without starting all over?

Sure I could have used the tube tool in some way from the start but I loved the square end of a flattened rectangle for the shape of the strap, it seemed like the good way to go at the start…until I had to bend the tip that is. Any advice on making clean bends on dense shapes would be appreciated.

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Instead of masking and blurring you could use a mask brush with a really huge radius. Then position your gizmo around the rotation point and set the “Tangent Roll Threshold” to 90° (I noticed that when it’s lower than 90° it distorts the other side)

Hope this helps in some way


@Omari_Parris :exploding_head: Blew my mind.

Thanks for the great tip!!

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Holy crap that is EXACTLY what I wanted to see! Thank you soooo much, amazing tip and I love learning new stuff in Nomad like this. Again, thanks!

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Never even thought of touching that parameter! Great find! :vulcan_salute: