Scalar option disappears with clone

Before with the clone tool selected you could scale an object at the same time as it was cloned … now the scale option disappears when selecting the clone tool. Are there any settings that I can modify to make it work again?

You like to move it, move it. :smiley:

I just checked this.
Move the clone and scale ring is back & working.
It’s strange but no issue.

There is an issue with multi selected objects and the scale ring though. Maybe this is connected to this optical difference?

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I want to clone the object without moving it from the place … just making it bigger, before the last update I did it like this for many things, I got used to doing it like that.

I see, maybe this will be fixed with next update?
Meanwhile you can use the clone function from scene menu.
Works like you are used to.

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Yes it’s the same issue as scale being wrongly removed with multiple mesh selected Nomad Change Log - #32 by stephomi

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It’s not a serious problem, I just wanted to know if it was a bug or a change in settings. Thanks for your answers :raised_hands::raised_hands: