Samsung Fold 3 S Pen / Pro Support


I’m thinking of picking up the upcoming Samsung Fold 3 with its anticipated S-Pen Pro. Just wondering if it’s on the development team’s radar as a solid alternative many users would opt for in lieu of an iPad Pro.

Will you be adding support for that new device?


i have just tried spen on s21 ultra and it’s amazing, totally like ipad and is pen in perf with nomad, but more small but you have it with you everyday, it will be amazing on fold 3, it’s just the line in centre that makes me scared of.

I would only recommend iPad.
When it comes to cpu/gpu, it’s simply on another level.

That’s interesting, Stephane.

I would opt for the Samsung because I could use it as my main device, especially with a bigger screen. The performance on my note 20 is great! Please consider adding support for whatever the new Fold 3 s-pen needs.

One of the biggest reasons I chose Nomad over other tools is its availability on Android, so I don’t have to invest in an Apple product to be able to sculpt on my mobile device. If I had to get another gadget, I’d rather just use my computer and Wacom tablet.