Sad Avocado Rain Frog

I started using nomad and procreate last month. I’m so impressed and absolutely enjoy using the app. I’ve been making actual sculptures and hand painting them. Started a little Etsy shop to sell some of my creations. It has been so much fun! I also started an IG account to record my creation process and create custom sculptures. This is one of my frogs. :frog::sparkles:

Etsy shop:
Instagram: @cozytendie


Well, it’s nice frog, but why so sad?

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Thank you! He’s actually just born this way. Trust me, he’s trying his best to smile here. It is based on a real black rain frog, they’re all naturally born sad avocados.

Just when you feel like nobody understands, this sad avocado frog is here to tell you that he gets it. :avocado::frog::sparkles:

Here’s a reference of a real black rain frog!


I still find it crazy that stuff from this program can be 3D printed, painted, and people just buy it. Well, I guess cute frogs is one thing, much smaller base that would want a weird alien head…lol.

Either way, nice frog.


Thanks! You’d be surprised how many people would love an alien head.:alien: I didn’t think I’d be selling any of my frogs tbh. I just love frogs and ended up making alot of them. I’m very grateful that my fellow frog lovers are willing to support me. I’ve also been learning alot sculpting custom pet sculptures in general. Nomad sculpt is so addictive! I’ve been sculpting on it almost daily since I got an iPad.

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