Atalluc’s Creations

Hey all!

I have started playing with Nomad a couple of months back after switching from Forger! Have been watching these forums for a while and decided to post too :smiley:

This is my first “finished” sculpt thingie in Nomad…!
Super happy with these tools!!!

I intent to keep this thread to share future creations with you!

(Unfortunately i can only attach a single image with this new account so i cant show model around)


An very interesting creature!

Welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Did this one based on a :fire: :butterfly: !


Time for this one to see the light! I think become increasingly interested in ornamental designs of insects :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :banana:


I quite lite your creations, very clean.

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Heyyyy! This is a small one, he will be blowing into his horn, underwater maybe? I dont know XD :water_buffalo: :sweat_drops: :left_speech_bubble:



Hoiiii!! Ok this time a vehicle design? :frog: :bike: :alien: I have started this a while back and was very nice to now come back and enhancing it using all the new tools! Enjoyyyy! 2


Very cool! Maybe needs eyes?

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Very special ideas . good work

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Thank you! I aimed it to be the vehicle but now that you mentioned it eyes like stronger “headlights” or taillights might have looked nice!


I have started making a collection of some simple characters, i have done one daily some weeks ago just for fun as usual! I will share them all at once though :stuck_out_tongue:


You have a knack for the fresh and untried. It’s the stuff of the greats, no exaggeration.

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Thank you for your very kind words! . . :blush: :relaxed: :blush:

Heyyy everyone! Meet Lasso-y! Started as a rough sketch on procreate a while back and once i noticed her while scrolling i wanted to try realising her on nomad only, all the tools were there! Minor presentation things added on procreate. Enjoyyy!

:cowboy_hat_face: :star: :cow:

I am getting addicted ! Nomad lets me express myself more and more no matter where from (my dayjob is in front of a computer so no matter how much i enjoy Blender its very hard to find the willpower to remain on the same room for that long…)


Hey everybody! That was a fun one which i have had in store for a while now! :bell: :white_circle: :blue_heart:

By the way, i will be taking part in some drawing/art Halloween type prompts combinations in various mediums! For anyone who might be interested :


Atullac, your an artist who works in the style I love. Any tips for making the 30’s style gloved hand?

Hey @MojoMan :slight_smile: Here i did it just with grabbing and smoothing spheres and a torus, the main sphere i have subdivided and drew on another layer!

Sorry I’ve been so slow to respond to your generous share. Of course once one sees a great solution it is facepalm time :rofl

One of the things that I have a hard time wrapping my mind around is that things within a model can be made from tiny primitives and scaled up.
I really appreciate your response!

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The Ringmaster (vampire - spell - loop) :tooth: :ringer_planet: :circus_tent: as part of halloween art challenges! the barely visible spell thingy rings would be the circus ring for other creatures :smiley:

(the first one with the tag was composited a bit more in procreate)

I’m in awe, this is so good ! The concept and the realization are wonderful, I love the textures !

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