Retro realtime gfx drawing (old consoles/computers)

There will be some ppl here not interested in this, conversely for ppl like myself, this is v. interesting.

I’m 41, grew up through SNES , megadrive (British)
Also had an Amiga, eventually a PC, etc etc

The move in to 3d from 16bit era was a turning point (goes without saying that things from the PS1 era onwards and the leap in to 3d changed things forever.

Arcade culture dwindled, Sony’s machine offered arcade performance in the home. My mind is engraved with early dinosaur tech demos on the PS1, while games like Jumping Flash, Lemmings 3d, ridge Racer, Toshinden, and eventually Tekken took hold. Strong stuff.

We all work with the tools we have and so I’ve no doubt ppl will find this interesting as well, in the sense of trying to get the most out of hardware as possible, with interesting workarounds and creative solutions.

The Commodore Amiga in particular was interesting. So many games (for better or worse) were bootlegged, but as always… The more ubiquitous the tech, the higher chance of innovative creations.

What I love in particular about YouTube, or rather the democratising nature of it (to an extent!), lets us see behind the scenes.

I continue to watch a bunch of ‘how they did it’ videos, SNES, megadrive, Amiga. These are mostly games obvs, but some particularly interesting ones are on hiowthe Amiga was used in commercial 3d animation/film.

I’m no programmer. Although I love technical concepts and find it fascinating to see how things were achieved, as I think must pl do. I respect the people who allow us to do what we can do. Although I may have to draw the line at AI created content a little bit. It’s becoming a time where content can be generated almost autonomously. --who then do I respect? — a piece of silicon?


Here are some videos I found really interesting recently. I hope some ppl on here share the interest :


I love this! What I would love to see is ipad software to create old school games such as NES, SNES, SEGA, etc. I know there’s PC options out there but would AMAZING to have this power on the ipad too. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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