If nomad can come up with inbuilt option to retopologise like CozyBlanket app . It will be a deadly combination. To keep price of nomad down May be that can be an added feature ( in app purchase )

Nomad will evolve to whole another level. Thoughts ?

Although simplicity of Nomad the way it is now is auper appealing in itself.

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I guess that is the biggest issue. The more features are implemented ( and I am one of those screaming for this and that as well ) the more complex Nomad can be for the beginner. Nomad is super convincing in first 30 minutes. People can create something quickly without a very steep learning curve.

Anyway, an in app purchase for retopo could be something. But a functionality of cozy blanket is not done in a day. It would take months for a one man developer. In this time, improvement of all other „main“ things would stuck.

I guess it is much more likely that we see lots of „little“ improvements instead of big steps in future. Like those one can already see in Webdemo. Scene hierarchy is such a big thing I.e. So many other useful stuff has been already implemented, hundreds of improvements vs. one feature.
As I understood, Stéphane is more after cleaning up everything, refining and organising trillions of things under the hood and doing so many useful little improvements and even big ones, like new rendering features.
What is already there, will be turned into a even more super solid sculpting and rendering app before adding additional main features of other applications, like poly modelling.

Or as probably Stéphane would answer your question:

„Retopology? Not high priority.“ :heart_eyes:

But I can‘t speak for the developer and I am not involved in any plans. Just a guesstimation and possible reasons.


Retopology, not high priority.

It would be nice to have an automatic retopo solution, but the algorithm is really hardcore. Maybe some day there will be a robust open-source that I can integrate easily (low confidence though).


Maybe better if theres a method to fluidly file-connect to CB if thats possible at all :sweat_smile:.

Maybe the programmer of Quadremesher/Zremesher may be doing an (affordable addon)? :grimacing:
At first this seems mad, cause he sells Quadremesher for 60 bucks on Pc, BUT if he would do it, he could reach and grab all Android and Ipad users too as customers…

Maybe it would be a win/win for both.

Be aware that you are the creator of the best mobile sculpting solution ever made in humankind :wink: