RESOLVED: (NOOBIE USER ERROR) Unable to import 2 objects into the scene


Love this app, but I’m struggling. I cannot import 2 objects into the same scene. Either one becomes invisible, or it just duplicates the first imported object.

iOS 15.2 (iPad 6th Generation)



Simple question check first, as I never heard about such an issue.

Are you in solo mode?
Do you use import / add to scene? Or open / add to scene?

Have you tried to rename first object before importing second ?….I never had any issues with double names though.

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Please provide a video (or the detailed steps that you are performing) and make sure to use “add to scene” and not “open”.

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Fixed, user error thanks steph.

Fixed, noob error on my end thanks for the support!

Thanks, noob error on my part, did not move the origin of the original object and it’s scale was miniscule when importing.