Rendering not as good as preview

Is it a bug or my fault or the device?
iPad Pro 10,5” 256GB


Gradients are not good.

Uploading: 19D6DF1B-5158-469D-B105-6CEFE39F3FF1.jpeg…

Material is PBR, no post processing. One light, but it’s same with light switched off. One of standard environment set to 0,76 intensity.
UVSphere standard.

I think the render output as 8bit PNG might be to blame, would be nice to have the option for 16bit TIFF render maybe?

Please read the Next Release Log :sob:

(no need for tiff, png supports 16 bits as well)

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Solution is:
Switch off “transparent background” in rendering dialogue. That’s where the bug is sitting.

I am sorry. Thank you.
Banding was missing in my vocabulary and I thought it was the ugly black border between transparency and coloured pixel meant, when I read the bug report those days.
I didn’t’ know that complete pictures with transparent background are effected and useless.
Thanks again -
banding = creating stripes / oh dear! :vulcan_salute: