Slower performance since update (reposting to bug reports)?

So, I’m not on an ideal device (2018 iPad), but since installing the (really excellent) update, I’m noticing camera navigation at least seems to be running slower than in the previous version, even with post-processing turned off. My render resolution is set to 1.25x, which seems to be the default (I’ve never changed it). Even switching back to matcap from PBR doesn’t have much change. Turning speeds up to 1.5 seems to help, but the framerate still seems lower than it was (as a developer, I hate that I can’t give actual concrete information).

This is with a higher-poly (for me) mesh (around 2.23M verts). I tried doing a multiresolution “Reverse” operation (decimating, I guess?) to let it use that during navigation, but it looks like there’s some kind of bug with that. I’ll make a bug report shortly.

Any advice? Known? Just my imagination?

It can be many many things, depending on the scene things can be faster or slower.
Lot of changes happened (deferred renderer instead of forward renderer).

Disabling wireframe, postprocesses and lights will help.

Roger that. I’ll try out turning down render resolution. All the others are off.

(Really, I just need to save up the cash for an upgrade to an iPad Pro. This one has been fine for my needs, but Nomad is giving me a good reason to want to upgrade.)

Argh I deleted my previous post and can’t revert it.

Disabling outlines will help for performance as well.