Reflection SSR not working properly

Bug reports

Even with or without high quality settings on, still drawing this artifacts on the real time and the final render

Close Nomad and reopen.

Take a screen shot of your UI with the Material setup and what the sculpt looks like natively (turn post processing off) might help us diagnose it if @knacki’s suggestion of an app restart doesn’t absolve it.

I think it’s fixed for the next release, culprit being the TAA (last postprocess at the bottom, but only in certain condition).

If you can replicate the bug in a consistent way, try disabling TAA.

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I got something like this time by time. Didn’t figured out the conditions. Black floods the screen. Goes away when switching reflections off, or / and AO. But Nomad needs a restart to keep it normal going.

Pretty sure it’s fixed for the next release, marking the thread as solved (don’t hesitate to re-report the bug on next release if the issue persists).

I remember fixing this issue a few weeks ago.

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