Radius percentage

Hi! For some reason my radius slider shows values ​​between 0 and 1024, not percentage… how do I change this setting?

Percentage doesn’t make that much sense, as you won’t know what 100% stands for.
The value displayed is in pixel, it’s not a bug.

I’m not saying it’s a bug, but surely there must be a way to change the pixel reference to percentage. Using pixels doesn’t make sense unless working with small details. The radius slider has a very strange aspect ratio when working with normal proportions. In the middle of the bar it already show a very large amplitude. In addition, all tutorials and video lessons show the percentage of the radius.


But using percentage make even less sense…
The maximum radius is completely arbitrary so I don’t see how it can be any useful.
You have no guarantee the percentage value will change in the future if the max value changes.

It shouldn’t matter. What does is the precision you got when interacting with the slider.

Nomad’s radius circle stays at a constant, percentages wouldnt make sense because the model can be moved around, zoomed in and out of. The maximum radius is 417 pixels, if I zoomed into the model up close i could pick at smaller areas, if I zoom all the way out I can manipulate the whole model at once - the radius circle still stays at 417 pixels. The radius is relative to the camera, not the model. That’s why it makes more sense to use pixels to measure it.

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