Question about flatten tool “plane offset” feature

I noticed yesterday that in 1.74 the flatten tool doesn’t seem to have the “plane offset” option in its settings any more. I’ve read through the last few change logs and don’t see it mentioned, I can’t see any other posts about it either. Although I don’t use the “plane offset” often, in some situations it can be quite helpful, so I was curious what has happened. I wondered if it might have moved somewhere else, but I can’t find it.
It took me a while to understand exactly how the flatten tool settings work; but now I constantly alter them depending on what I’m doing, especially the “average plane direction” and “average plane origin” checkboxes. Perhaps people weren’t using the “plane offset” setting very much? I didn’t use if often, but occasionally it added a useful extra capability to the flatten tool. Thanks.

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It wasn’t working really reliably.

It’s a great app, don’t overcomplicate it, please, because it will end up breaking its charm. If someone wants more and more, go to other complex apps, this one has a great charm. Hopefully Apple can support you as they have done with Procreate.

I’m not against, apple supporting him, but if that happened; for sure nomad sculpt would not be available in android. Just like procreate.

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I use this option often. Please bring it back :frowning:

I won’t add it back but there is something a bit similar in the next release (Stroke Menu → Filter → “depth masking” → Offset)