Planar tool - how to lock for entire brushing duration?

Hi all,

I’m a bit of a noob with nomad and sculpting in general, so bear with me on my bad descriptions of what I’m trying to do.

Essentially I have a surface that is sort of lumpy - some parts are lower than where they need to be, others are higher. Basically my plan was to build up the lower areas with clay or draw, then use the planar tool to flatten it all off to the same height.

My understanding of planar was that it would essentially pick the polygons where I first put my stylus down on, then use this as the ‘height’ for where to flatten everything else to. However, as I move the brush back and forth, it seems to flatten things lower and lower.

I assume I’m misunderstanding how the planar tool works, but wondering if there is a way to achieve what I’m trying to do.

Again - apologies if my description is horrendous!

Basically trying to do something similar to this: Experimental flatten tools awesomeness!.

It looks like the flattening is locked to the part that was first touched, but when I do it, it adjusts depending on where the stylus is at that point of the stroke (even though the stroke is ongoing)

A visual of your model/problem would be useful.

Or course!

So basically I am trying to flatten both sides of the arrow head, but a ‘hard’ flatten which is equal. Normal flatten seems too hard to get even, and planar with both plane options ticked just does nothing

Download 1.85 update. Paint facegroups for parts you want to sharpen / flatten. Use smooth with facegroup filter set to ON

Oh amazing thank you for the suggestion! I will take a look at this!

Is there information or a tutorial on this feature somewhere so I can learn a bit more about it?

Ok I tried the face group stuff - it does a good job of preventing me hitting other areas, but the same problem still exists where I can get a smooth flatten across the entire surface.

Ideally if there was a tool that could basically do like a 2d shave over a specified area at a certain height, leaving behind a nice flat cut, that would achieve what I want to do I think.

I’ve tried trim, but I’m not sure how to do a 2d cut at a given angle and depth with it - maybe there’s another tool for it

Maybe try

  • lock plane origin
  • lock plane normal
  • in Filter menu, increase or decrease the area radius
  • you can decrease a bit the offset in depth masking (don’t fiddle with the top/bottom option)

Ok i think the depth masking stuff does what i was wanting! I set that to -10 and it seems to now ‘shave’ stuff like i was trying to do! Thank you!