Project images onto model?

Vinyl toys often use the same mold but different faces/images printed onto them.

Is it possible to import a PNG of a face, for example, and project it onto a sphere? Thanks.

Do you mean project details or simply paint?

You can import an alpha in the “Tool” panel with typically the “Stamp” tool (or any tool with a different “drag” stroke type).

The alpha is also working with the Paint tool.
However if you are looking for “colored alpha” it’s not supported for now.

It would be nice if we either had colored alpha or image texture painting/projection. For example, I have a model of a face sculpted, but now I want to use an image of a face as the base texture (with color). It’s almost like a UV projected image.

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This “project image” tool is literally the only reason I’d use this software! They had it in Autodesk’s iPad app 123D…the of course, like all things Autodesk, the software disappeared and reappeared somewhere more expensive and inaccessible…

Wow. The new update has colored alphas.