Paint with an image

I see I have an option to paint with imported image
What will be the best way just to paste a square image on one side of a box? Straight

I’d Say you could either UV unwrap the box and try to adjust the image to your liking, or make an alpha and stamp it , granted your image isn’t color specific. Hope this helps.

eventually I solved it on PC using MS basic 3d builder, which enable projecting an image on a cube

Just out of curiosity, what exactly do you want to do? Your information is simply not enough. It makes a big difference, for example, whether you can work high poly or only low poly with UVs, or do you mean only cubes / boxes or square shaped objects. You don’t show a single picture of what you want to do, so how is anyone supposed to know what you could use to do that with nomad. There are several ways to transfer images to the mesh with Nomad Sculpt. And what means paint with an image ?
There is nothing simpler than projecting a square image onto one side of a cube.
You need a box, a plane + texture → then press reproject (vertex).
Or use very high poly cube and paint stamp the image on the side of the cube to align use rotation snap and sym preview to match the center.

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sorry for not being clear, I deal with art and am less technical, so I throw in questions based on what I plan, but usually I find new directions while tetsing. I am OK now

I tried this method for a mesh and it didn’t work well, it’s be nice if we could just project an image onto a mesh, something like what blender can do