Project file location in Android?

I tried to find them on Android file manager. Somehow I can’t find them. Can someone point me out where is it? I try to transfer the work from my Note 10 to iPad Pro.

Try to look in Android/data/com.stephaneginier.nomad/files/


Yeah, found it! Thank you :smiley:

Hello, did the file location path change? I can not find the save files anywhere on android

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See FAQ, you might need a special app to access the hidden folder.

really? like wich?

You can also use the Google Files App to find and search out the directory, I’ve just had a look and you can get to it this way, you can copy, move, share, do most functions on the file to get it moved and onto your iPad, I used it a few weeks back as I used the lathe tool to create a candle holder on Android when just playing around, I liked the look of it and knew I would have a job recreating it on my IPad 5th Gen, so used the files app to email it to myself lol, worked quite well to be honest and more than happy with the results.

Stephane, you have made one hell of a beautiful and useful app on iPadOS & Android, would just like to say thank you so much and looking forwards to what else you do in the future, will be keeping a very close eye out that is for sure.

Also, looking forwards to 1.66, it is looking Awesome.

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