Profile editor - zoom option

It would be practical if you could zoom - if the nodes are very close to each other, you can’t work at the moment.

In the editor, it is not possible to create new nodes next to the existing nodes - you are forced to switch to the viewport - but snapping to grid does not work there.

I would love to be able to import .svg or some other 2d vector designs into the profile editor.

I hope you know what svg is.

Just one hint: it’s a standard (definition on wiki), and I can understand that such a feature will take time :wink:

Doable, wanted, but if you eagerly want it right now:
write a parser and translate the svg you have and translate it yourself into the Nomad profile format (if I remember correctly, it’s a simple json file).

And if done, working for all svg-files: post it here so everybody can use it.
Maybe then we will get it, finally included within Nomad.

PS: yes, I tried it once…

I know what it is … that main reason I suggested it … when importing into blender it turns the 2d vector coordinates into curves … figure same thing can be done here. Or if not that an idea could be to use the mask tool and generate a border curve.

SVG Import was requested several times. It is something completely different to OT. I suggest you guys search for according request and give your upvote there.

Zoom would be something really helpful.


Jepp - and there are thousand of complains from blender newbees why their specific svg file does not work as they thought. I think it is simpler just to force people to use the profile editor and make some quality of life improvements. :wink:

I don’t get what you mean with “use the mask tool and generate a border curve”. Maybe some simple sketch? - could be a great idea! And a new feature request.