Problems in Nomad in ios

Bug reports

I notice you upadate the version to 1.68 on Android
When you will fix the problem for Ios?
I cant use the app peopertly.
Smoth is doing something extrange. in 1.67
Is like when it autosafe… delet the things I did.
Also all my hiden ítems… are now deleted.

Please clarify with real sentences that’s intelligible.

Deciphering bug reports gets old pretty fast, especially when tons of them are simply user enabling by accident an option they didn’t understand.

Nomad never deletes stuffs on a whim.
Smooth hasn’t changed since 1 year, most people complaining about it is because they enabled relax.

Here’s the 1.68 log, Nomad Change Log - #42 by stephomi

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I didnt have this issues yesterday… and today there are… anyway why android users already have 1.68 version (23 (october) … when ios users did not?

I even take pictures.
After using smooth I left the piece smooth and without errors… once autosafe small details appear on the surface
Also notice this error that was also happening in Android
“critical bug (crash at loading when nomad files are dropped inside the Nomad folder)” Nomad didnt open. I have to delet the app and install again
And after checking in my samsung the new version is 1.68 … and in my ipad still 1.67 I understand there where some errors in the 1.67 version ( that was realse just 1 day ago, Im in Spain)
why is on Android a 1.68 version and in IOS a 1.67 version?

Because Apple “verifies” apps.

Not aware of this issue. If I can’t replicate the bug I can’t fix it.

No you don’t have to do that. Read carefully “when nomad files are dropped inside the Nomad folder”.
Simply removing the dropped files would have fixed the issues.