Nomad has not been updated to 1.59


I noticed that the latest version of Nomad is, 1.59. When I look in Nomad self, I see 1.58 as version. In the Apple store I do not see any update button. How is this possible? Nomad supposed to update itself as far as I know. Anybody an idea?

You are correctly updated to version 1.59 but because it was released as a quick fix to a bad bug, the version number 1.58 was not corrected to 1.59.

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Thanks… strange that a guy on Facebook told me he sees 1.59 on his info screen. Then he must not have looked good I guess. :upside_down_face:

1.58 is logged on the app still but the official update on the store is 1.59 you are using build 1.59 - Clarice Silvers - a girl who tried helping you on the FB page was correct she obviously wasn’t aware of the small hiccup.

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Thanks for the support. Drink a beer on my account. Bottoms up.

It’s correct on Android, not on iOS.


Thanks. Good to know. :grinning: