Predator Advanced TUTORIAL by RaZum (Showcase)

Hi, I prepared this Advanced tutorial for you about creating the cult character Predator. I chose him for the tutorial because he is a great combination of Organic and hard surfaces.
In this tutorial, you see my full workflow on Ipad with NomadSculpt. This is a full-fledged process of 3D sculpting. The lesson consists of 1 hour 14m lectures divided into several chapters with voiceover in English:





+OVER 5 Hours video
+Video Tutorial How to Export your figure from Nomad to Blender3D.

CHECK IT NOW: Making of Predator Advanced TUTORIAL for Nomad Sculpt

I hope you will like it!

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I just bought your tutorials yesterday (Predator and Hard Surface). One thing i am missing are the brushes, textures and other files you are using in your videos…they should be in the package :wink:

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Thank you for your feedback! I Added some Alphas brushes samples!


Purchased too! Thanks!

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The hard surface course doesn’t have any alpha or brushes, you plan to update it with some samples?

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Thank you for your support!
I Haven’t planned yet to add Alphas. Much more needs to be done. I hope I have time for this! Thanks!

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Great. Then maybe you could recommend any alpha pack or tell us what are you using? or the alphas are created by you?

Yes, I made this one:

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Oh, yes, I purchased it with the hard surface course, I got confused with the new one. :sweat_smile: :+1:

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Thank you very much for adding the files, i really appreciate it!

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Limited offer! 10$ For All Brushes and Tutorial!

Here the link: RaZuM - exclusive content on Boosty (The price is indicated in rubles Will automatically convert to your currency) PayPal support