Pose Brush!

An IK pose brush similar to Blender’s pose brush.

I realize this has been requested before but it’s so important so i’m +1ing it.
Would be so perfect for this app, keeping it minimal without having to add a whole rigging system.

Super great app, love it! keep up the great work.


For a pose brush the first step would probably have to be to implement some kind of bones or facegroups concept.

Maybe having a feature like gradient masking would help a bit

MS Paint Mockup… :flushed:

I think with interesting looking curves this could be used for other kinds of cool looking effects too


While I agree a group system could make this even more useful, Would there actually have to be a whole bone / rigging system implemented before a “temporary bone” system was introduced? or do you mean “behind the scenes” system just for the IK to work?

+1 on gradient masking, though!! :))

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As you see I take every opportunity to push my gradient mask idea… :blush:
Ok so I take it you’re thinking of an all-in-one tool, where you sketch a temporary bone hierarchy first in 2D, then the pose brush estimates the 3D pos of the bones by the volumes of the model, and then does a skin bind. Then with a second “stroke” you move the bones + skinned model? That would be pretty cool indeed, but sounds like a lot of work!

I think a pose brush is probably going to rely on some of the full-mesh deformation code that Stephane has mentioned is coming a bit further down the road.

Also, I wonder if the technique behind Retopoflow’s Contours tool would be useful for estimating bone locations. I.e., draw a guide across a limb/finger/whatever to mark some cross sections to indicate where you want to deform, and bones are just estimated at the center of the loop. shrug

(I mean, ultimately, I’d love to see basically all of Retopoflow added as an on-device retopo workflow, but I’m not going to hold my breath)


Well as far as I know, currently in blender, the IK pose brush will do the first part automatically as you hover over the model (you’ll see a best guess appear automatically) and once you click, I suppose it does a temporary bind and allows you to drag the end of the IK chain to a new pose / position. It seems like it would make a re-posing of a mirrored character super easy.

I have no way of knowing if that is truly a lot of work. Aren’t there open source scripts floating around that could be used to simplify the process? (more of a prayer than a question)

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I mean, all of blender is open-source, but I think it’s GPL, which, as I understand, requires you to subsequently release code produced from it as GPL as well. That’s an issue you’ll run into with a lot of open-source code, which is good for the open-source community, but obviously somewhat of an issue for commercial, proprietary software.

@ray maybe Gradient alpha brush will shorten your wait a bit :vulcan_salute:

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Thx! I’ve been doing it in ZBrush like that (as you can imagine I requested gradient mask there too :slight_smile: but didn’t seem to catch on :hear_no_evil: )

I like the idea of drawing a line for gradient mask

Interesting pose brush enhancements.

Till 25 min.

As gradient mask was discussed here already, sculpt expand looks like serious fun.


Huh, just watched the pose brush in use from that other feature request, it looks pretty good. It’s an nice trick to use selection sets to derive a simple skeleton. Can see at this time offset:

I really want this too. I love Blender’s pose brush feature but I prefer to do my 3D work on the iPad. I hope a feature like this will become available on Nomad Sculpt because this is an app I truly enjoy using.